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The CeMed PerformancePack® facilitates the work of your team and optimizes the procedures within your clinic. Increase your profit with the PerformancePack.

All components needed in your OR are available within arm's reach. You have the opportunity to configure your surgical pack individually choosing products from a pool of more than 16.000 items. Products used in our surgical sets are obtained from well established manufacturers only.

  • Increased process reliability due to standardized procedures
  • Increased staff motivation by providing perfect equipment
  • Reduced demands on the stuff

More profitability and efficiency

Hospitals have to face the challenge of working profitably and obtaining an optimum quality of treatment at the same time. Costs emerging from the operating theater take in approximately two thirds of the total costs in hospitals. On the one hand the operating theater is one of the most important and cost-intensive factors, on the other hand most of a clinic's revenues come from surgery.

  • Reduced set-up time
  • Accelerated and simplified processes
  • Increased operating theatre occupancy
  • Relieves the medical staff
  • Planned surgeries done within core working hours
  • More time for core competencies
  • Reliable processes due to standardized procedures
  • Simplified procurement of materials
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Reduced OR preparation
  • Exact timing of the procurement schedule
  • Increased clinical capacity
  • PerformancePack®