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CeMed GmbH

Being one of the largest independent manufacturers of customized complete surgical packs for over twenty five years we are capable of integrating almost any product to a surgical pack tailored to your specific needs.

Being a small company with a lean structure, we are able to react efficient and fast to your specific needs.


In the past twenty years of developing and producing surgical packs we have gained a great amount of experience. Our quality management as well as our advanced production technology rise to the challenge of taking the immense responsibility in the field of medical technology - starting at the development of our surgical packs through to the complete traceability of products.

  • Many years of experience in development and production
  • Advanced production technologies
  • Complete traceability of all components

Your individuality

We exclusively use products of well-established manufacturers in the production of our surgical packs. You have the opportunity to select your desired products from a pool of more than 16.000 items. We analyse your initial situation in a close dialog with you, define your requirements profile with our efficiency and cost analysis tool and put together your individual surgical pack.

  • Individual selection of single components
  • Detailed situation analysis and needs assessment
  • Established efficiency and cost analysis tool

Dipl. Ing. Peter Lang

Managing Director
+49 75 74 93 48-12

Dipl. Ing. Zdravka Baskaric

Director Operations
+49 75 74 93 48-40

Peter Fritz

Quality Management
+49 75 74 93 48-16

Stefanie Bögle

Quality Control
+49 75 74 93 48-14

Beate Stauss

Product Management
+49 75 74 93 48-22

Sonja Kromer

+49 75 74 93 48-22

Thomas Schmitz

Order Processing
+49 75 74 93 48-24

Virginia Burzer

+49 75 74 93 48-20

For all further inquiries:
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